Community Outreach and Service

Memory Care Outreach Program

Once a month we have the lovely folks from Mt Bachelor Memory Care and Mt Bachelor Assisted Living and Memory Care come out to visit the horses.  It is both heartwarming and therapeutic for all involved – the guests get to reminisce about horses and other pets, enjoy a feeling of accomplishment when they groom the horses and feel the healing benefits that come from contact with equines.  The staff and horses enjoy the unconditional appreciation and love that the guests bring to the ranch and the camaraderie that we all share while interacting with the horses and sharing tea and snacks.

Oregon National Guard Youth Challenge

While classes are in session at OYCP, the cadets participate in S2C (Service to Community) at various non-profits around Central Oregon. We are fortunate to be one of the beneficiaries of their hard work.  The cadets arrive at the ranch in groups of 10-30 addressing tasks both big and small that an organized group of strong young men and women can do for the herd: unload or move hay, muck pastures and pens, wash water troughs and assist with construction projects.  The cadets learn about safety around equines, enjoy fresh air after long hours in the classroom and have a chance to put their group training to use with both ranch and OYCP supervisors in attendance.  It’s a win/win for all involved.

Adults with Challenges

These wonderful folks come from a variety of organizations around Bend that work with developmentally challenged adults. They spend time at the ranch mucking pens and pastures and enjoying the unstructured therapeutic equine environment.

Court Ordered Community Service

These individuals have made mistakes and have court ordered community service hours to serve.  The old adage “people helping horses – horses helping people” has special meaning for these individuals who have been asked to give back to the communities and to spend time thinking about the consequences of their actions.  While the work around the ranch may be difficult, we have observed people young and old benefit from their time around the horses.  Even the most angry soften, the sullen perk up and the out-of-shape get fit.  While some are assigned for only short periods others are with us for a few months.  Few leave without bonding with at least one volunteer and always with fond memories about their interactions with the herd.

The Tides Foundation

EOI received a grant from the Tides Foundation entitled, “Art on the Range.”  Originally this grant would bring students and other artists to area rescues to teach about both the beauty of and plight experienced by horses at risk and those already in rescues and sanctuaries.  Given Covid-19 restrictions we hope to work with area artists and other rescue groups to bring these outreach and education activities online.  When the crisis abates we will return to our original plans to both educate and create art focused on rescues and wild horses.

The Oregon Community Foundation

The goal of this project is to build the organization's capacity to be proactive - educate, advocate, and collaborate.  A major focus for the Oregon Community Foundation is community outreach and this grant will help EOI formalize these outreach goals into their longer term strategic planning and hire staff to work toward this goal.