Art on The Range

An Art Contest Sponsored by

Equine Outreach


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Art on the Range

An Art Contest Sponsored by Equine Outreach, Art4Moore and the Tides Foundation

Purpose:  We welcome artists of all ages to join us to celebrate the lives of rescued horses/equines everywhere but in particular the 3 that we’ve chosen for this first contest.  Although Covid makes it impossible to bring you all to meet them, we hope that the photographs we provide on the website (scroll down to see) and the short descriptions that we share will give you a peek into these wonderful equine souls and motivate you to use your skill and creativity to help us share this magic with the world.

What kind of art? We are placing only one limitation on your expression – flat art pieces must be at least 5 inches by 7 inches.  Other than that, any medium that you chose is great – paint, pencil, sculpture, fabric, metal, watercolor, pastel, photomanipulation, etc.  Well you get it ☺  You are welcome to place our models (Bunny, Toby and Nala) in any background (real or fantasy) you chose or just do a full-body or head portrait.  Again, not too many rules.

How does the contest work?  
Read the entry form carefully (located at the bottom of this page) and hit submit.  Be aware that contest winners will be required to donate their original work to EOI (but will be able to use digital copies of their work for themselves).
Spend time with the many photos provided below and please read the little stories about them to get a feel for who they are and why we hold them so dear.  Feel free to email and ask any additional questions.  There are videos on our Facebook page and Instagram feed as well.  And yes, some audio files of our mules speaking will be added.  Mules have a lot on their minds!
You have three weeks to complete your work and submit digital copies of your work to our esteemed judges (nah, just some lovely, dedicated horse people).  Feel free to submit your work earlier if you’re super quick.  All work should be sent to as a high-resolution photo or scan.

Artwork Release Form submission by 8/5/20

Finished artwork emailed no later than 8/12/20

Here are the three categories:
Youth (Up to 16 years old)
Amateur (Anyone who does not make a living making art or who does not regularly sell their work)
Professional – Well you know who you are – anyone who makes a living from art or sells their work via a gallery, website, etc.

Prizes – There will be 3 prizes awarded in each category (assuming there are enough entries in each).  Please be aware that we are a 501C3 nonprofit.  It is only through the generosity of Art4Moore and Tides that we are able to fund prizes.

Professional:                                               Amateur:                                        Youth:
1st  Prize: $150 Visa Card                        1st Prize: $100 Visa Card             1st  Prize: $50 Amazon Gift Card
2nd Prize: $50   Visa Card                        2nd Prize: $35   Visa Card            2nd Prize: $25 Amazon Gift Card

3rd Prize:  $25   Visa card                        3rd Prize: $20   Visa card              3rd Prize: $20 Amazon Gift Card


 Our  Models 


​, Quarter Horse

Born 1990 (estimated)

Bunny is the grand dame of the EOI herd.  Her quiet, soulful presence and strength can be felt everywhere on the ranch.  Once a beloved barrel racing horse we will never know how she ended up abandoned but we do know that she exemplifies both the plight and beauty of all senior and medically fragile horses that find sanctuary with EOI and other rescues.  Volunteers love to spend time grooming her, offering her carrots and allowing her to show us all the parts that she need to be scratched or massaged.  We are not sure how long she will be with us but we know that every day is a gift.


Born 2016(ish)

Nala is a relative newcomer to the herd.  She was a pasture pet for a lovely owner who took her and Toby in but became too ill to care for them.  Even as she struggled with her illness she made plans to be sure that her equine friends would find a soft landing when she was gone.  Nala is small but mighty–friendly but impish- smart but stubborn (as a mule ☺)  She loves to visit with her big “horsey” neighbors, is getting to explore the world more and more and will kick up her heels when she gets the chance to run in a new pasture.  Nala is a story waiting to be written – will she be an ambassador visiting schools and retirement homes, pull a cart with a child or two, or just enjoy being a happy feisty equine.  Time will tell.


Born 1996

Toby arrived with Nala and they are truly joined at the hip.  Toby’s soulful eyes and creaky bones tell the “tail” of a hard life doing who knows what kind of work.  We’re not sure what brought him and Nala together but we know she does her best to protect him and annoy him.  He takes great pleasure in all the love and attention he gets from volunteers but enjoys a quiet nap under his tree just as much.  As with all our seniors, we want to do something special to make every day a little sweeter for Toby and have him on a special diet and schedule regular visits with a gentle body worker.  All work stops at the ranch when Toby decides to let out a mournful bray.  If mules could sit in a rocking chair smoking a pipe that would be Toby.

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