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Bravo Team!

When one of our volunteers found Dark Star down and suffering form labored breathing a team of dedicated EOI volunteers, BOD members and Bend Equine Vets responded with an amazingly coordinated and loving effort to bring her back from the brink.

Over 120 hours, volunteers stumbled around in the dark to check on Star, feed her mash and count her every poop and fart.  Vets answered calls quickly and helped us constantly change treatment and feed based on "real time" information provided by the care team.  We walked her for hours, sometimes in the rain.  Gave her T-touch when she was stressed.  And sometimes just stood with her as she tried to work through this colic.

I was really proud to play a small role in this effort and want to thank Diane, Dana and the vets at Bend Equine for their love and attention as we tried to stay true to our vision and provide reasonable and high quality care to this much-loved senior horse.

There is no way to know what the future holds for Star, but she will never know neglect or lack for love.

Bravo team!!!


We are pleased to say Star is doing so much better!

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