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Get to know Dianne!

Dianne Scott is the president of Equine Outreach Inc. (EOI) in Bend, Oregon. She has a passion for equines that stemmed from a young age, finding joy and entertainment at a horse camp as a child. Dianne’s daily routine whether it be working on the property or doing administrative work from the office ranges daily. On the property, she begins each day by checking up on the horses, ensuring they have food, water and everything they may need. Dianne became even more passionate working with horses when Equine Outreach took on senior horses in hospice care. Her connection with older horses taught her about the care, attention and time equines require. Dianne also oversees volunteers, coordinating training and making sure everyone is happy and working in the field they enjoy.  


Dianne jokingly blamed her husband to explain how they ended up with horses in their life saying, “I wanted goats, he wanted horses and now here we are.” Since becoming the president of EOI 1.5 years ago, Dianne has worked to support a strong sense of community and passion for all equines.  She wants her positivity and uplifting spirit to make visits to EOI a joyful experience for volunteers and community members.   


Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how your love for equines came to be. How did you start with the organization? 


A: Dianne’s love for equines started as a child began when she went to horse camp in the Los Angeles. She was fascinated by the trick horses. Dianne had done trail rides with horses in the past but her real love for horses began when she and her husband adopted horses from EOI.


Q: What would you say is the most rewarding part of your job? 


A: The heart to horse connection is the most rewarding part of Dianne’ job at Equine outreach. She said, “it is a 7 day a-week obsession” allowing for special connection with each horse. She says that the compassion the horses show can turn anyone's day around.  


Q: What are your goals for Equine Outreach in 2021? 


A: Some of the goals Dianne has for Equine Outreach in 2021 are to continue to improve facilities, add space, and resources for the equines. She wants to develop more facilities for training and a comprehensive horse health care system. Post pandemic, she looks forward to many more in-person activities at the rescue.


Q: What has been the most challenging part of your role at Equine Outreach? 


A: The most challenging part of the job for Dianne is having to say goodbye to the horses that pass or need to be humanely euthanized. She says, “we send them off with love but it is still really hard.” Another challenge for Dianne at EOI is needing to limit the number of horses at the rescue in order to ensure that each one has a great quality of life. Dianne would like to take in every horse in need and it is very difficult to say “no.” 


Q: Who has been an inspiration for you at Equine Outreach?  


A: Dana and Arie have been an inspiration to Dianne at EOI. Dana recently moved out of state and was the ranch manager and Arie is a senior volunteer who has been with EOI for five years. Katie Dixon, EOI’s professional trainer, continues to be a huge inspiration. Overall, the sense of community and the inspiration shown by the board and volunteers keeps Dianne positive and happy.  


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