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Greetings from the ranch! We hope to make this a newsy section to keep our volunteers, friends, and supporters up to date on all things EOI. Let me catch you up on a few things... It's been a mild winter so far, by Bend standards, but that doesn't mean our volunteers haven't been freezing their fingers off. We had to chop the ice out of the frozen water troughs, get the ice out of the hoses before we could refill the aforementioned water troughs but our most awesome supporters came through for us! We had 2 separate fundraisers. One for a generator and one for a heated hose and I am here to tell you they both work great! We can keep the water from freezing over night in the troughs, and we are assured the use of the hose the next day to fill up the troughs. A huge thank you to everyone who generously donated to these items. A big shout out to the Scott's. We can not thank them enough for their generosity and support of our organization and the horses, not to mention the use of their Gator, which has been a godsend. THANK YOU D&D! Our Ranch Manager, Louie', gave some of our volunteers a Basic Horsemanship class last month. It was very well attended and everyone had a great time. Jasmine did great as our class horse. There is another class February 22 (weather permitting) open to volunteers to attend. We are in desperate need of new tires for our ranch truck. We will be having a fundraiser soon to raise the money for them. The truck is a much needed and used vehicle around the ranch and we need it to be safe for our volunteers and horses. Watch this space for more info on that.

The horses are fairing well during these cold snaps. We have a wonderful group of feeders that care for them multiple times a day. Thank you Monica, Arie, Dana, Karen, and Krystal! And lastly, a heartfelt thank you to our wonderful volunteers who come out no matter what the weather. Scoop frozen poop. Slosh around in the mud. And give the horses all the love and pets they deserve. Thank you everyone! And thank you for reading our first blog post.... stay tuned.....

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