Meet the Thoroughbreds

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

In 2012, 55 neglected Thoroughbreds were seized from a ranch in Powell Butte. Responding to citizen complaints of malnourished animals on the ranch, Crook County sheriff’s deputies arrested the ranch caretaker, seized 11 horses and assumed care of another 44 horses and 16-18 cattle left on the property. Equine Outreach took in 35 of these horses. Some were off-the-track, others were brood mares. Of the 35 EOI took in back then all but 8 have been adopted.  These 8 beautiful horses are still with us and awaiting the perfect home. When they came in, most were emaciated, but they are all healthy and well-fed now, although some are older or have some lameness issues. All of these lovely mares are available for adoption. And even though from a distance they all look alike, they all have very distinct personalities. Come see for yourself. Contact us if you would like to meet one (or more) of them.

Dark Star (Hag Bag)- (Mare) Thoroughbred (Registered, "Hag Bag") 1994 16 hh ​ Yes, we know, "Hag Bag" isn't the most flattering Thoroughbred registered name, but as you can see, this mare is really a beauty! Now called Dark Star, this lovely girl is kind and gentle and would love to have a new home with you as a Companion Horse.

Casino- (Mare) ​Thoroughbred (Registered, "Asti Casino") 1998 ​15.1 hh Casino is a registered Thoroughbred ("Asti Casino") and she has a racing record with the Jockey Club. She does not trust easily, so she's looking for a very special person. She cannot be a solo horse; she needs the companionship of at least one other horse. She has a patient and kind personality, and she would love to be a part of multi-horse home to be a Companion Horse.

Calamity Jane (CJ)- (Mare) Thoroughbred 1994 16 hh ​ Calamity was part of the Powell Butte seizure herd. She has a sweet disposition, leads, and backs up. There is some lameness present, but as beautiful family addition, she'd be perfect!

Bonbon- (Mare) Thoroughbred 1994 15.3 hh BonBon is as-sweet-as-can-be and gets along well with people, kids, dogs and other horses. She has fantastic ground manners. Bon Bon has a lip tattoo, indicating that she was a race horse at some point in her life. Thankfully, her racing days are over now. She has a Hunter's Bump so is not a candidate for riding, but would make a lovely companion horse.

Rose- (Mare) ​Thoroughbred (Registered, "Clonakilty Rose") 2001 15.3 hh Rose is a registered Thoroughbred who raced in California under the name of "Clonakilty Rose". She is looking for a forever home with someone who can spend time with her, and help her get past her insecurity. She has had lameness in the past and at this point in her life she isn't a candidate for a rider but would make a wonderful companion horse.

Sassy- (Mare) Thoroughbred 2002 15.3 hh Sassy is a sweet Thoroughbred mare that needs someone to adopt her and give her a forever home. She is friendly and curious; she just needs some one-on-one care.

Paige- (Mare) Thoroughbred 1998 (est.) 16 hh ​ This lovely Thoroughbred needs someone to work with her consistently to bring her to her full potential. Could that someone be you?

Violet - (Mare) Thoroughbred 1994 est 16.1 hh ​ This pretty Thoroughbred mare likes human interaction. Violet has had some ground work and has also been under saddle. She has some arthritis and at this point in her life she isn't a candidate for riding but would make a lovely companion horse.

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