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Pre-training training

Back in March we did a Facebook Fundraiser to get these 5 lovely Thoroughbred mares a refresher course on the basics. And thanks to some very generous donors we did well on our fundraiser and we were ready to start interviewing trainers! Then the pandemic hit. And the lockdown. But we were able to hire a trainer and will keep socially distant and will ensure she has a safe place to work with the horses.

In the meantime, we are doing a little pre-training. These 5 mares are in a large pasture together. They only come into a pen when we need to catch them for the farrier or vet, or to give them yucky tasting meds. :)

So now we have an empty pen that we can open the gate to that they can wander in and out of on their own....making being in the pen much more pleasant!

Stay tuned! We will keep everyone posted and up to date on their training.

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