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TB Training Week 13

Rainmaker Friday

Today's training session was all about communication.  We had 4 volunteers observing and Katie spent time explaining how the history of these abused mares and her approach to desensitizing and clicker training intersect.  Just a glimpse at the photos today show Katie having a conversation with Sassy that nobody else could hear.  

While the other mares were more nervous than usual, Sassy stepped right up and volunteered.  Katie took her time to reintroduce herself to Sassy since they hadn't seen each other in a few weeks.  While a volunteer helped Katie by holding the lead, she used her now-familiar tools - the target and the artificial hand to get Sassy ready to lift her feet.  All four hooves came up today without a strike or a kick - baby steps for some but a big step forward for Sassy.

While we are always excited when Katie is at the ranch, there was definitely some Covid/Smoke/fire exhaustion in the air when the session started - literally the air reeked.  A volunteer teased Katie about always bringing the wind.  Then it got real quiet and the rain came, the air cleared like someone had turned on a huge fan and the horses and humans both let out a sigh of relief.

Katie walked through the rest of the mares waiting to see if anyone else wanted to work today but they all came for a pat and then moved away when the halter came near.  It was time for celebration not work.

Katie and Sassy brought the rain.  That was enough for the day.

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