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TB Training Week 5

Katie began today with Sassy our most "sensitive" (and sweet) mare.  During an earlier evaluation of Sassy, Katie felt that Sassy had quite a few healed injuries from her earlier days. You could really see that today as Katie gently used a light rope to desensitize and help her relax with a halter on.  When Sassy is not in a halter she is extremely friendly and is always the first to come to the fence to see if anything is new, interesting or out of place.  Under halter, Sassy is always looking for the emergency exit - so it was great to hear her have some deep sighs, soften her eyes, and lower her high head as her session unfolded today.  While she has a long way to go to really trust people again her progress is exciting.

Violet was next up and was ready to do anything Katie asked of her today.  She lifted all her feet and was totally relaxed while Katie used the rasp to round her hooves, led with ease and was ready to come back into the pen for more after we let her out.  Yes, she loves the treats that come along with clicker training.

Finally Paige, the alpha mare of the group allowed Katie to place the halter with a hug and did not shy.  She was attentive but not nervous and quickly understood the game when Katie asked her to lift her feet with the faux hand on a stick.  Katie kept her session short since Paige got high marks today and being the "brilliant" student can get bored.

We have lots of homework to do this week and both the herd the volunteers are learning so much every week. 

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