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TB training Week 6

Today Katie worked with Sassy, Paige and CJ.

Sassy worked on learning if she pulled her head back the halter wouldn't tighten on her. She has been very head shy and if she feels she has no escape, her go to is to pull up..... at least her feet stayed on the ground. She is making huge gains... even let Katie pick up her feet.

Paige, being the least trusting of the 5, hasn't been handled a lot as she is hard to catch. Katie took a brush to her... something that hasn't been done other than in a drive-by grooming attempt. She was trying to decide if she liked it (she did!) or if it was scary (not too bad). She also learned how to back up, something we didn't know she didn't know!

CJ let herself be caught out in the pasture! She stood nicely for Katie as we tested out the yoga block. CJ has a bad knee and very limited range of movement in it. Trying out different ways that it would be comfortable for her to have her feet trimmed. The yoga block seemed to work!

Just watching Katie with these TBs is such an awesome learning experience not only for the TBs themselves but for Arie and Dana who are there with Katie learning alongside the TBs.

They have a lot of homework for this week!

Thank you Katie!!

Stay tuned for next week's installment of the TB Training.

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