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TB Training week 8

Paige and Sassy were today's students. Katie spent quite a bit of time with Paige, and her progress has been amazing! Paige trusts Katie, she knows she won't be put in a position that will harm her. She worked on picking up her feet (which is huge as she hasn't had her feet trimmed in a very long time) and did great. She also worked on a little desensitizing with her Super Hero Cape (really a small parachute but SHC is so much more fitting) and did really well.

Sassy got to work with the SHC as well. She was a little more hesitant with it. But Sassy is hyper sensitive and alert. She is the LookOut for the herd so it took her longer to realize that this strange new thing was not going to hurt anyone. She later had some time with the hose, washing out her wound from Friday (which is healing well) and just getting used to having the pressure of the stream of water on her....BATH TIME soon!

These TBs have some such a long way in a short period of time, we are really proud of them. Katie has had such a good influence and calming effect on them.

Stay tuned for next week's update.

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