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TB Training Week 9

Today Katie had 'hands-on' all 5 TBs. After having last week off we were concerned they might have forgotten some things.... But no, they made us proud. All 5 did great! They were haltered and went for a walk, practiced going through gates, and behaved very nicely.

But it was Paige who was the star of the day. Paige is the TB with the least amount of handling and she is the least trusting, but the time she spent with Katie today was such an awesome sight to see. Paige allowed some up close and personal contact, ear rubbing, nose touching and even allowed hands in her mouth. (In the photos Paige is the horse with the large star and tall right front sock)

Next week we are hoping to bring a trailer in for them to get used to seeing.

We are so please with the progess these 5 grand ladies have been making!

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