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The Big Reveal: The Fab Five Looking Over the Fence

Members of the Equine Outreach Board and the coordinator of the Art on the Range grant tried to contact Kimry Jelen ( a year ago but their email went unanswered. A year later they reached out to her again (because we just love her work and the way it captures the equine spirit) only to find out that their original email was never received and so began a lovely collaboration with an artist whose work we adore – a horsewoman herself and artist who digs deep to capture the souls of her equine friends.

Kimry came to the ranch and spent hours with the 5 Thoroughbred mares and an instant connection was formed between them and the artist. Over the next few weeks we chatted with Kimry and she agreed to do a smallish painting inspired by the mares for EOI to use in public relations work, community outreach and eventually for sale.

When we received a note from Kimry that the work was done we were shocked to find out that the small (ish) work had grown into a stunning 4ft by 5Ft painting – drenched in color and totally capturing the unique bond that the mares have in their past and their current setting. But there is more:

Kimry tried to complete a smaller painting but she says, “I felt like I was squeezing the horses onto a little 8x10 pencil drawing. THEY WANTED TO, NEEDED TO BE BIGGER.” She then goes on to tell us that “what I had in mind initially was the portrait with fire in the background (to symbolize the terrible things these lovely mares had gone through) and then green pastures in the foreground to show where we want them to go.” But somehow this still wasn’t right for Kimry. She says, “There are so many terrible things going on right now, so much stress and angst – I saw these mares calm and collected, as representing a respite from all this – a quiet equine sanctuary for our minds and souls.”

This 4ft X 5Ft painting (which will add color and drama to any residential or professional space) or smaller prints can be yours. PM or email if you’re interested (

FYI - In 2012, 55 neglected Thoroughbreds were seized from a ranch in Powell Butte. Responding to citizen complaints of malnourished animals on the ranch, Crook County sheriff’s deputies arrested the ranch caretaker, seized 11 horses and assumed care of another 44 horses and 16-18 cattle left on the property. Equine Outreach took in 35 of these horses. Some were off-the-track, others were brood mares. Of the 35 EOI took in back then all but 7 have been adopted.  These 5 beautiful horses are still with us and awaiting the perfect home. When they came in, most were emaciated, but they are all healthy and well-fed now, although some are older or have some lameness issues.

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