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Week 2: Hands on all 5

Katie from Renegade Equine had hands on all 5 TBs today! Last week she spent time with Violet, Sassy, and CJ. Today she had a bit of a refresher with those 3 and then a meet and greet with Rose and Paige. Rose was 'yeah, whatev......' but Paige surprised us all! Of the remaining Thoroughbreds from the Powell Butte seizure Paige is the least trusting, though she has come a long way in the last couple years she is still hesitant to be caught and handled unless it's her idea. Today was huge for her!

In the photos, Paige is the one with the large star and tall white sock on her right front leg.

We are looking forward to next weeks session with Katie and the Group of 5. If you are new to this journey please check out the previous blog posts to catch up.

Stay tuned!

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