Prospect horses are horses that are physically sound, have had some groundwork training, and may have been trained to accept a saddle, bridle, and/or rider, but need additional time with a trainer to become confident and reliable riding horses. They may have had training in the past but need a tune-up. Equine Outreach makes no guarantee of a horse's level of training or soundness.

The adoption fee for a Prospect horse is $525. This fee includes the $25 adoption application fee. We strongly recommend that you have the horse independently vet checked and evaluated by your trainer, especially if you have limited training experience. We make every effort to have adopted horses be up-to-date on their vaccinations, worming and farrier work.

​>> For details on how to adopt any of these horses, please see our Adoption Process page.


Abby and Willow

QH / Appy

Willow: 2008(est.) 14 hh

Abby: 2011 (est) 13.5 hh

You owe it to yourself to come and meet this lovely pair of mother/daughter mares.  They have those special quiet eyes that draw you right in and that petite but solid look that harkens back to their mustang breeding.

Willow is a sorrel 13-year-old mare who exudes maternal energy.  She has been with her foal since birth and only returned to the rescue when her owner’s age caused her to look for a rehoming opportunity for her and her foal.  
We are evaluating Willow with the help of Katie Dixon @ Renegade Equine so at this point in time we would call her “unstarted” or a “companion” horse.  We will update her information as she begins to show us what she can do with her powerful hinds and intelligent eyes.

Abby, age-10 is Willow’s part-appaloosa foal.  She is working with our volunteers and has a quiet disposition that matches the description we were given of her as a horse that has been under saddle and possibly used as a lesson horse by a professional trainer.  Abby is exploring the ranch and working on building up her muscle so she can show us what she knows with a bareback rider and then a saddle.  At this point in time we consider her a prospect horse.

We prefer to send these two out together as a bonded pair but will consider the right forever home and the right owner for either.




15 hh

Chiquita is a 13 yr old sorrel reservation mustang that is 15 hands. She has been started with solid ground work, stands quietly for farrier and is easy to medicate and bathe when needed. She was a great trail horse. She is sensitive but once you win her trust, she will follow you around and look for attention and reassurance.

She is currently in a foster home.

Lexi EOI.jpg



__ hh

Meet Lexi, a lovely 22 year-old thoroughbred mare with a warm, kind disposition that will win you over quickly.  

She has been ridden in the past but needs a restart after a recovery from a suspensory ligament injury a couple years ago.  Lexi is very friendly and will let you pick feet and groom easily. She was very calm with the vet during her latest dental as well. Although Lexi has only been at the rescue for a brief time, she is already becoming a volunteer favorite!  Lexi also loves other mares and would be the perfect big partner to another horse in your barn.



​Quarter Horse
15 hh

Ruby  is a 14 yr old quarter horse mare. Breeding goes back to Peppy San Badger. Was once papered but never transferred. Needs shoes on front feet. She is all business, sort of saying “Yes ma’am!” To what ever you ask of her, while always scanning the horizon looking out for threats.

She is currently in a foster home.