Sanctuary Horses

Too many people equate the word "sanctuary" with sad, end-of-life places where equines go to die.  At EOI, we see our our senior and medically compromised horses as a gift.  Each one came to us with a history and a tenacity that helped them survive until they found a soft landing at EOI and our volunteers try and do something every chance they have to make their life better - a long scratch under and itchy Winter blanket, carrots cut small or even shredded so they can enjoy that sweet taste if their teeth are not that great, fresh pine bedding under their favorite tree, etc.


And there is always hope for those little miracles - adopters come along with huge hearts, nice facilities and infinite patience that are willing to bring these horses home and create their own sanctuary.


Mini Mule

2012 (estimated)

Nala is a sweet, stubborn as a mule, mini. She didn't have a lot of handling at her former home but she is getting quite a bit of it now. She has improved so much since she has been at the ranch. She has become a volunteer favorite as she is so cute.


1990 (estimated)

Rosebud came to us in December 2019. She was shy and unsure as she had spent the last many years as an only horse and all of a sudden she had a lot of friends! She is slowly loosing her shyness and allowing us to groom her and give her all the love she deserves.





Toby is as sweet as can be, an old soul. He is 'Grandpa' to little Nala as they are a bonded pair. Toby is a little creaky in his hind end as he has some old injuries in his hips and loves a good tail massage.