Charity, like the sun, brightens
                                    Every object on which it shines.
                                                (Chinese proverb)

Sponsorship is an investment and an act of love for a rescued horse at our ranch.  A majority of our herd of 22 equines are considered at-risk due to health, age, previous neglect or abuse or behavioral issues caused by many factors.  Our all-volunteer Board of Directors and volunteers at the ranch work every day to find and fit just the right feed, facility improvements, veterinary care and training for the herd.  And while we put in literally thousands of volunteer hours a year, we also need financial support that is individualized to support special needs for each member of the herd.  Your sponsorship will help make this happen every day.

We want sponsorship to be more than just a donation and be done - we hope to help sponsors develop a more intimate relationship with our herd members (and equines in general) and become part of our community.  You will receive special insight, photos and reports about your horse and can shoot us questions any time.  When the pandemic ends, we could arrange a visit to the ranch so you could meet and greet your horse if you are local or are passing through.

There are sponsorships on many levels and you may pay all at once or monthly:

Barn Buddy - $250
Food is life, energy and calories for your horse.  
Your barn buddy donation helps to ensure that we find and feed the appropriate grass hay and supplements for your buddy.  Our vet and our trainer monitor body score and tweak diets accordingly.  
You will receive barn buddy updates about your horse, a greetings video and current information about her/his “doings” from time to time.
You will participate in a Facebook Live Event just for Barn Buddies.

Pasture Pal - $500
“No hoof, no horse” is an old cowboy saying but is it ever true.  We take our hoof care seriously utilizing evaluations by our vet and our farrier.  Along with feed (see above) your donation helps to offset the costs of regular trims and in some cases very expensive hoof boots, shoes and supplements.  This is such an important quality of life issue for our herd.
You will receive Pasture Pals updates about your horse, a greetings video and current information about her/his “doings” from time to time.
You will participate in a Facebook Live Event just for Pasture Pals.
Once you get to know your pal we will send you a ready-to-hang black and white portrait.
Pasture pals get to know each other and ask questions of our board president and core volunteers on a biannual Zoom gathering.

Patronage - $1000

“Every rescue horse has a story to tell,” says our trainer Katie Dixon.  Katie helps us dig deep to try and understand those stories, to mend trauma (physical and psychological), and listen to mind and body to chart a future for each horse.   


Our patrons support our herd training program that vastly increases their chances for adoption, helps the wild ones get the vet and farrier care they need and allow them to learn to enjoy interaction with people once we help them lower their defenses. 


Each patron will be invited to biannual one-on-one video chat with a core volunteer and their horse or if local visits at the ranch. 


You will receive patron updates about your horse, a greetings video and current information about her/his “doings” from time to time. 


Once you get to know your pal we will send you a ready-to-hang black and white portrait. 


Finally, you will be eligible to receive a gorgeous canvas reproduction of “The Fab Five:Over the Fence” painting commissioned and completed in 2020 or a print of our next commissioned work. 


All Donations are tax deductible and can be paid all at once or on a monthly basis. 


We want to thank you in advance for your support and assure you that we will work every day making life better for our rescue herd, educating the community about senior and at-risk horses and working with law enforcement to work toward a day when no horse suffers in Central Oregon.

If you are interested in Sponsorship please contact us stating what level and which horse you'd like to sponsor.

Below are the horses available for sponsorship. Please click on the images to enlarge and read their bios.

Black Pearl
Black Pearl has been patiently waiting for someone to take her home; she has been at Equine Outreach since she was a foal. Black Pearl is halter broke and extremely sweet. She has Wobbler Syndrome, so she isn’t a candidate for riding, but she'd make another horse a wonderful friend and companion.
Mr. Blue would be so happy to have his own person. He loves attention, is very calm, and has impeccable ground manners. He used to move out on the trail, but was not “hot” or “ill-behaved.” Blue stands quietly and nicely to be haltered and saddled. However, due to his severe swayback, he isn't a candidate for the riding. But would make a wonderful companion horse.
Blueberry is a sweet pony that came from a riding school in Hood River. She has a little bit of attitude and a rock-n-roll mane but is really sweet once you get to know her. She has some arthritis and a bad knee so it is unrideable despite having taught many kids how to ride when she was younger. She spent a few months with a foster family during the summer of 2017 but is back at the ranch now.
Bon Bon is as-sweet-as-can-be and gets along well with people, kids, dogs, and other horses. She has fantastic ground manners. BonBon has a lip tattoo, indicating that she was a racehorse at some point in her life. Thankfully, her racing days are over now.
Casino is a registered Thoroughbred ("Asti Casino") and she has a racing record with the Jockey Club, but will need to be restarted. She does not trust easily, so she's looking for a very special person. She cannot be a solo horse; she needs the companionship of at least one other horse. She has a patient and kind personality, and she would love to be a part of multi-horse home. Can you give her one?
Hank was surrendered in 2010. He was adopted but came back recently when his adopters got in a financial crisis. He was a bit skinny but has filled out nicely. Hank is very sweet and anxious to please. He halters well and stands nicely tied to be groomed as well as for the farrier.
Harmony came in without much information, but she is friendly and gentle.
She has a neurological condition that she has been treated for and now stands with rear legs out. She is easy going and would make a wonderful companion horse for your horse or yourself.
Maggie is a registered Quarter Horse who has been diagnosed with Wobbler Syndrome. She has a super sweet personality, and is very people friendly! Maggie adores attention, so she would appreciate a home where someone would care for her and make her feel extra special.
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Equine Outreach in Bend, Oregon, is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the quality of life of equines.  We create a second chance for a good life and second career for abused and neglected equines.  We raise the standing of equines in our community through education and an introduction to the transformative power of horses.  We model compassion, speak out against animal abuse, and promote responsible equine guardianship.


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